There is something splendid about innocence, but it is in turn very bad that it cannot be protected very well and is easily seduced.
Kant, The Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals (via lovewasmeanttobeshared)
One who makes himself a worm cannot complain afterwards if people step on him.
Immanuel Kant (via stuff—n—things)
If the truth shall kill them, let them die.
Immanuel Kant (via unusuallyintoxicated)


This is so important.

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Run away with me?


Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.
Democritus (via observando)

What a wonderful piece of work, got me to learn a bit of history too -> “King Midas is popularly remembered in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched with his hand into gold.”

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Cut me open and the light streams out.
Richard Siken, from The Dislocated Room  (via diveinme)

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The secret is just to not give up hope. It’s very hard not to, because if you’re really doing something worthwhile I think you will be pushed to the brink of hopelessness before you come through the other side. And you just have to hang in through that.
George Lucas (via motiveweight)
Athletes train and eat, they don’t exercise and diet.

Phil Stevens (via gymcandy)

always worth reblogging.

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Three o’clock in the morning. The soft April night is looking at my windows and caressingly winking at me with its stars. I can’t sleep, I am so happy.

Anton Chekhov, About Love and Other Stories (via larmoyante)

What a beautiful feeling this must be. I adore this.